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Reply to "This copy of Windows is not genuine?"

Originally posted by biscuit:
Just because you bought a computer that has WinXP preinstalled, that does not mean that the computer builder didn't use an illegal copy. It's done quite often.

That happened to a friend of mine.

A family friend of her's had a kid in college and he was making extra money that summer building computers. So she had him build her one for the family room.

She had troubles witin a couple of months with the Windows software doing the zact same thing.

She asked me to come over and fix it. Uhhh, ok, I'll come see what I can do.

I told her that I believed he used pirated XP software and she should get with the kid to buy her a legitemate copy. (I remember the good ole days where you could just pass around your Windows software when anyone had a problem <sigh>Wink

She called the kid and asked. His reply, Yes m'am I did, I'm sorry I'll fix it when I come home this weekend.

She said, No sir young man, if you don't want me to call your Mom and Dad, I'd better have a registered new in the package XP at my door within 48 hours. He immediately got onto Best Buy site bought her a copy and told her to go to the store and pick it would be waiting. (which it was)

They both learned a lesson.

Good advice Biscuit.
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