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Reply to "Trouble with Token after 12 years of selling on line?"

Would it not be helpful to send an email to everybody with that information.
I am constantly getting spoof emails purporting to be from Auctiva which I just delete but others are maybe not as computer savvy as myself
Originally posted by ed neff:
below was the message I got from Support when I sent the one we received


Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. The email you have forwarded to us is indeed a spoof email. We have contacted the host of the spoof website, and are working with them to have it taken down.

For future reference, we've recently removed all links from our email communications regarding your sensitive account information. In other words from this point forward Auctiva will not send you an email that includes a link to our login page. If you receive an email claiming to be from Auctiva that includes a link to our login page it is most likely a spoof email. Do not click on the link in the email and please forward it to our or email addresses.

Thank you,

Auctiva Abuse Team
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