Reply to "Trying to such luck"

I've been sending REPEATED inquiries regarding this issue to Auctiva, trying to find out if this problem will be taken care of BEFORE I start giving them money, and they have refused to answer.

Where are you sending them?

Do you mean you're filing support cases? Can you give me the support case #'s? I searched by your eBay userid and email address with us and I see no support cases on file for you in the past 6 months. Our only official form of support is via a support case. Every support case needs a #. If you aren't filing a support case through our support page and getting a case # then you wont be getting a reply.

Here is the link:

However you can get there by clicking the "Help" link at the top of every page on Then looking in the column on the right. There you will see 2 links: "File a Support Request
Check the status of an on-going support case"
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