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Reply to "Updated Logo by Auctiva for me"

Originally posted by eWonders:

You know being the man I am, My loving bride is the bestest wenchtress of them all.. LOL

And... I'm her sweet Hootchie

Interesting thing happened to me yesterday. I became a Panelist for Southern Living Magazine's editors. I review receipes, articles, help select front covers. It should keep me interested and amused.

Anyway.. Liz..errr ahh, Donna.. Lakeland reminds me of a childhood memory. 1978 Junior Olympics Invitational Smimming championships held in that great city. I think I still have the metals in my memories trunk.


As it should be...the bride should always take top spot on the pedastal. <smile>

Congratulations on the job! In a round about way I'll be paying your paycheck. <smile> Ya see, Southern Living arrives at my home monthly and has for at least 28 years...Love that magazine. It is the epitome of the way I was raised, southern manners, grace and tradition. I've checked out other southern based magazines but they pale in comparison. My one big gripe is when they do articles on states outside of "God's country," the South. <big smile>

I love my hometown..of course it drives me crazy because of those that are moving to my little haven between Tampa and Orlando. Just 30 years ago <using my best old woman's voice> there weren't but around 30,000 persons in my we've moved up to around 80,000. <blech> I'm a smaller town hearted woman and big cities just don't appeal to me. Well, they do to visit and spend the day galavanting around but to live? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I moved out from the city to BFE and now it's moving my way. <smile>

Get those medals out...I'd like to know where you swam in Lakeland...for posterity.

Our Starry was in Lakeland last week but I was out of town. She really enjoyed it!

Now go give that woman of yours a big smoochin!

My Best Mike,
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