Reply to "US Govt destroying middle class and sellers!!!"

I agree.
We as a family have always had to live within a budget. Being home and raising my children have always been a priority. It's not easy on one persons income, but I can tell others it can be done. As we're a one income family here, pennies add up and I take nothing for granted. We're not paupers by any means, but nor do we throw our money away frivilously.

If you read the book on America's Richest Persons, these are persons that made real thinking decisions before putting out money for purchases.

America's debt spending is out of control and my personal feeling is because American's have too many means to purchase what is out of their means. Too many I gotta have it now purchases because that's the way Americans are. (but the tide is turning slowly)

My last car purchase was not because of it being made in Sweden..but because of the longevity factor and the high ranking/ratings by those in the auto industry.

We don't buy the cheapest brand of anything as it normally goes kaput fast. Doesn't mean we buy the cadillac version of an item either.

I buy the best product that fits in my budget, that will give me the most bang for my buck.

I still stand by..if I see a tag with China on it..I won't buy it. Quality is not often seen in articles that come from China. Every consumer magazine or article we refer to does not even have China in the upper percentage.

When purchases are made, they are well thought they have to be.

Marketing, Schmarketing.
That's bout all I have to say bout marketing.

My Best,
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