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Reply to "Using AUDIO on eBay Auctions"


For all that are interested, I was finally able to check my eBay Sales Reports to see exactly how much of an impact the addition of voice has made on my auction-style listings.

In the past month, my sell-through rate has gone up 18% (from 50% to 68%) and my average bids/item increased by 54%. I won't have my figures for Repeat Buyer % until next week, but I'm certain that percentage is on the rise also.

My sell-through rates and average bids/item were very stable before, so I'm convinced that it is the audio descriptions that have made the difference. I checked my Sales Reports archives and neither my sell-through rate nor my average bids/item has ever been higher.

This is getting pretty exciting and I'm anxious to see what my sales will be like this holiday season.

If anyone else is interested in using Sellers Voice, click the link below and get a 3-week trial for only $1.

Sellers Voice

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