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Reply to "Virus on Auctiva?"

Come on, you should have your PC's adequately protected, it's naive beyond belief to expect your machine to be on the internet without being attacked.

Criminals can employ as many brains for their techy jobs probably with greater budgets than commercial companies, plus they know what thier malware does. Others have to decypher and reverse engineer it which takes far more work, very much akin to intelligence agencies decoding encrypted messages

I suppose in the USA you can walk out into a busy road without looking and sue the driver of a vehicle that hits you which was being driven safely within the speed limits. So sad !

Seems the McAfee AV I used wasn't up to it, neither was M$ with thier buggy IE, yet it seems the free AVG and the lower priced Kaspersky that I just happened to be installing a few days later found it ok.

So you do not need expensive AV/Firewall software, seems the free Firefox wasn't affect either !

And remember Auctiva is free, so it costs you nothing, so a little hiccup occurs, so what just think of the money that will have been saved rather than using greedbays high fee services. Smile

Think before you raise a stink Roll Eyes
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