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Wagglepop? Don't bother

My opinion of Wagglepop and the service...Thumbs down!

I am having THE most difficult time and most negative experience getting free from the grips of Wagglepop.

I had requested twice via email to close my store with Wagglepop. And yet the invoices keep continuing and I have nothing in the store whatsoever.

I FINALLY get a response today from Karen with Wagglepop...after two months of hearing nothing. Two sales way back when and I requested to close the store months ago. Those sales were from sellers trying the site out. They have since left the site also. Not a good omen.

As a seasoneed ecommerce seller...The only I reason I can figure why they haven't ended my store when I requested in the last two months is to build up a balance due to them.

I'm a seller with 24,000+ feedback on eBay, I have my own site that sells, I sell from blujay, bidville and ecrater stores. AND I have more than one selling ID with eBay. I do feel confident about how an ecommerce selling site should work and Wagglepop does not fall into a site that I could and would recommend to anyone.

I received an email from Karen with a faux (fake) cc and bc stating it's been forwarded to the legal department of Wagglepop. (I checked the headers and there was no such cc to that department, it's easy enough to check)

Wagglepop is attempting via threats and false cc's on emails to force a member (don't call me a seller cause the site didn't work for my sales) to pay an outstanding balance that could've been handled and settled months earlier had they answered their customer contact help questions.

Due to their unprofessional treatment of customers, their inability to answer their emails/contact in a timely manner and for using false CC and more on emails with threats to strongarm sellers...I can not and wouldn't recommend anyone to use Wagglepop.

My experience hasn't been positive.

I don't even want to place a link to their service here for fear someone would actually click it and sign up for the service.

Just check out the message boards at other ecommerce selling sites...Tulip Tools, PSU, OTWA and more that back what I'm saying.

I just wanted to warn any of you who were contemplating...don't waste your time.

My Best,
eCommerce Sellers Motivators "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? But actually, who are you NOT to be?" Marianne Williamson
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