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Reply to "Wagglepop? Don't bother"

one thing about tulip tools it is totally biased about wagglepop and probably many auction sites.. even before one could make any accurate understanding of the site.. tulip tools had pages upon pages of negative.... so THAT right there should stop ANY ONE looking for unbiased info ... now YES there has been some time and some negative stuff could be said ... but the way they did BEFORE PROVES totally biased and anything they say even now should be questioned.....

i think their INTEREST is for web sites to make it over auction sites... whenever you find ANY site.. FIRST CHECK what their MONEY interest is.... if they sell stuff for building web sites for example... THEY will be BIASED against auction sites being succeesful..

wagglepop... there are 2 things to REALLY look at.... how buyers will enjoy it by looking and how easy it is for buyers to buy... the first part.. the site can't be beat by any other site... BUT i don't know about going thru a transaction......when checking the checkout issue one needs to find another site other than tulip tools to find unbiased info!!!

I'M surprised that wagglepop WOULD put up the dropping numbers of stores about 250 or so and also showing the weekly sales not growing but leveling off the last few weeks..... a dishonest site would never show these..

it looks like the site will have to grow by word of mouth....if a person was to send potential buyers they bring themselves .. to either or say wagglepop or ecrater to buy their stuff.. these buyers would definitely enjoy buying from ones wagglepop store over ecrater... would that make it worth it to spend 10 dollars a month over free for ecrater??

probably would... the enjoyment of a wagglepop store seen by a buyer is much better that an ecrater store.... buyers would be more apt to come back to your wagglepop store than your ecrater... the hits from your own buyers WOULD be the same... the difference is the COMING back of the buyers you send to look..

bidville is lookin better and if ubid would change the bidville name and also their ubid name they would have a decent shot at bringing some competition to ebay...

there are alot of biases on all these sites .... always see first where they are making their money...or may be planning to make their money..
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