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Reply to "Wagglepop? Don't bother"

Originally posted by Lure:
one thing about tulip tools it is totally biased about wagglepop

it looks like the site will have to grow by word of mouth....if a person was to send potential buyers they bring themselves .. to either or say wagglepop or ecrater to buy their stuff.. these buyers would definitely enjoy buying from ones wagglepop store over ecrater... would that make it worth it to spend 10 dollars a month over free for ecrater??

probably would... the enjoyment of a wagglepop store seen by a buyer is much better that an ecrater store.... buyers would be more apt to come back to your wagglepop store than your ecrater... the hits from your own buyers WOULD be the same... the difference is the COMING back of the buyers you send to look..

I have over 170 subscribers to my newsletter with eBay. These are repeat buyers who will visit my site with eBay, ecraters and my own site.

They did not follow me to WP. I let them know, too.

I do know how to successfully market my items. So that's not a problem...sending customers here and there to various sites.

Word of mouth? Even though I got the word out by as many means as possible...word of mouth did no good. The buyers would rather visit my ecraters, website or my eBay.

My items did not come up in Froogle searches that I had with WP. Yet, the same items I would put up on my ecraters, bidville, blujay, website and more those would show up within 24 hours.

I'm glad it worked for you moodymama.

Everyone do your research and find what works for you. Don't visit the sites of PowersellersUnited if you feel they are biased. Don't visit TulipTools if you feel they are biased. There are plenty enough sites out there to visit that have information.

Google Wagglepop and see what comes up.

This link is a great link:

I found by using the site above doing my own research on the information supplied on closed auctions that gives a well rounded picture.

It's very important to be able to view the sell through of items, successfully closed items..if that info is not available then info is being hidden or withheld. And thats not a good sign.

Most of the sites use out of the box software thats $400.00 and it's easy to setup for members to view the closed items sellthrough rate.

For me? It was a waste of time and my energy.

Best of luck to everyone!
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