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Originally posted by moodymama1024:
If you have a store, there are no additional fees other than final value fees. Listing and relisting is included in your store fee. You can set it to automatically relist so you never have to touch the listing again unless you want to. It is a slower site as far as sales since it is new, but i have had a few sales already.

I apologize in advance for this being extremely long! Eek

Help me out please! I've been trying for 12 hours (i'm not kidding or exaggerating) Mad I can not get anywhere on that site. I use IE and firefox. IE doesn't let me do anything except see listings but not individual, When I clicked on a listing to view up close and even place a bid it timed out. I can view community boards but not post a question or reply. NOW if I use Firefox I can post questions and reply BUT I can not list anything. Everything is "Can not find server" Mad

NOW I use to have those problems here on Auctiva so I did what I use to do to gain access to Auctiva. Run Window Washer, clear cache, run spysweeper, reboot. That didn't work either.

Here is what I posted to the tech board

HELP HELP. I've just signed up today. I'm having many many problems. Nothing is working. I use Firefox and IE mainly firefox. I have posted in a another thread (didn't see this here) all my problems. Now I have more. 1. If I use IE in the community section your boxes for typing text is waaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom. Everything is way down at the bottom. So I post a reply or topic and hit sunbmit. When hitting submit it comes up with "can not find server" I thought well I just go post an item and see what it looks like and get familiar with the site. Wrong! Click on "sell" page loads up good. BUT it says Limited Account" What does that mean? I dont want to sign up a store just yet because i want to get familiar with WP first. So I checked the box for "online auction" hit "continue" and it says "can not find server" OK so i switched to Firefox got the same exact problem BUT when I get to the community everything is sitting where its suppose to be so I click on post a topic to ask questions. When I get to the page to type my text the box is a LOOOOOOOOONG rectangular box that when typing its only 3 words wide. But I can post to the community. So while waiting for responses I thought I would try posting through FF Wrong Same issues as IE. Can not find server once hitting "continue" So I thought I use your "Help" link to report technical issues. Wrong can't do that either just "can not find server" what is the deal??????? The only place I can do anything is post here on community with FF with "narrowed" boxes.

Sorry for all of this here but as I said earlier there is no other place I can get to to work. I'm really anxious to get started . Do I have to have a store to sell? I don't think that is cool. I will eventually but not right now. A Quick response would be greatly appreciated so that I can get started.

Here is what they responded with:


Firefox is not an approved browser for Wagglepop, for many of the reasons you describe.

Visit the Help Center page below for more information:

Web Browser Compatibility

Karen - WP Customer Care

I dont want to give up but if this doesn't get reolved soon I guess I'll have to. Glad I didn't put to much time into this. ROFLMAO!! To much time??? 12 hours isn't to much is it? But I dont like giving up so if you can supply me with your secret that would be awesome. But I have to admit it does linger in the back of my mind if I'm having this much trouble just viewing things then how am I going to be able to sell anything if buyers are having the same issues.

OK I'm done again sorry for being long Smile
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