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Reply to "WARNING - Chinese spammers buy item to get your address"

30 odd Chinese spam mails later I get the expectd reply from eBay (who cares) support

"Thank you for contacting us regarding the magazine you listed and purchased by "# see other thread #", (item number #######). I apologise for the delay in responding.

I understand your concern regarding the members contact details. In cases such as these, I would recommend that you contact your buyer and try to clarify their address.

Kindly note, that eBay provides a market place for buyers and sellers to interact just as a local authority might provide a physical venue for a market to take place. We have limited legal powers and responsibilities.
We provide the listing and bidding systems, but we do not authenticate users, verify items or guarantee that you will receive payment or the item."

We are just the venue .. blah .. blah ... Mad

They had to to sit up and take notice of Micro$oft and VeRo who could sue with mega $$ funding.
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