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Reply to "WARNING - Chinese spammers buy item to get your address"

Thank you very much, very helpful as ever. I'll print this one off for future reference as I would like to start selling abroad, but only once I'm a bit more established.

Also I just found this on the eBay announcments:

**An update on improving the Buyer experience***

13 August, 2007 | 04:00PM BST

We wanted to let you know about additional steps that we are taking this year to ensure that eBay remains a safe place to buy and sell.

Having listened to Buyers, we have heard that some Sellers are failing to deliver consistently good service. Those Sellers receive considerable negative or neutral Feedback or cause Buyers to file an Item Not Received complaint, because they are not meeting Buyer expectations. Key areas that Sellers need to deliver against are: listing accuracy, professional communication, and fair prices for timely postage.

eBay has decided that Sellers with low positive Feedback levels – more than 5% combined negative and neutral Feedback or multiple Item Not Received complaints in the last 90 days – need to demonstrate improvement in Feedback to continue trading at current levels. This is an extension of the work that eBay has always done in addressing Seller Non Performance.

For further information please read the Seller Non Performance policy.


The and Teams

Why can't they do that for buyers????? Eek
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