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Reply to "WARNING - Chinese spammers buy item to get your address"

Here's another discussion in regards to the improving the Buyer Experience on eBay:,4858.0.html

As was suggested I would LOVE to have a star rating system for some of my buyers...late payments, rude emails, beligerent and pushy..oh yes, the BUYER star rating would make me very happy.

^Taz...I happily cut off Africa. That is the number one country that's been noted for emailing out phishers and scamming emails. I learned that I need to protect myself on eBay as they don't help you protect yourself.

I have found that those that are legitemate buyers will go to my website and buy the item and most of those come from Google Searches.

It is always best to branch out and not have all your eggs in one "ebay" basket..then you can have more flexibility. More flexibility equals more sales. More sales from your site, ecrater, blujay, hibidder etc equal no fee's.

Best of Luck,
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