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Reply to "Way to go Austrailia!!"

Hey Folks, I'm an Aussie and I'm FUMING!! Mad
If you want to see the reaction by the Aussie sellers (and some buyers) regarding the Paypal only changes in Australia and the feedback changes, go to our community forum on
We are mad, people and I mean REALLY mad!
Aussie's don't take kindly to having their toes stepped on or someone trying to pull one over on them!
We will fight the Paypal only changes & keep fighting. We have got our ACCC involved (Government body for fair trading etc) and we won't back down!
Go Aussies!!!
Come help us fight everybody, because we're their test case! If these changes work in their favour, then they'll implement them in other countries too! U.S. will be next, then Canada and so on!!
Go to your eBay chat forums & start screaming. Let them see this is a worldwide fight!
We all came together for the feedback changes, lets keep doing it over the Paypal only changes!
Aussie's need your help!
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