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Reply to "What's your system for leaving feedback?"

Originally posted by nightowls:
I leave feedback personally (not automated). When the customer has notified me that they have received their item/items, either through leaving feedback or by sending an email, then I leave feedback right away. By doing so right away, I know the transaction well so I can leave customized feedback comments. I have set up my feedback templates in Selling Manager, and choose which one fits a particular customer well, and also write some from scratch.

I do let our customers know in "payment received" and "item shipped" emails, that this is how we do our feedback, so they know what to expect. This works out well for us, as we want to know that our customers have received their items and are happy with their purchase.

Using the feedback templates saves time, yet they are still my own words, and chosen specifically for each customer since they are not automated.


This is precisely what I do.
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