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Reply to "When can you refer to your webpage through ebay adds?"

welcome, glad to help. any more questions, feel free to ask. there's always at least one of us (donna/suthrnjewl, westvatexan, rick, wahm, magie, starrynight, btps, others, and myself) usually around.

spend too much time on here and you'll be answering questions yourself in no time Wink

btw, you probably figured it out from the info above, but basically there's two ways to refer to your website in listings.

put an "About Us" link in listing that goes to your Me Page and then on Me Page put a "Visit Our Website" link.

put a link in listing that links to the same item for sale [see posts below] on your website for 'more info about item'. This more info webpage cannot have the item priced cheaper than listing on ebay [see posts below] and this more info page cannot show other individual items for sale, BUT it can have links to other items for sale off-ebay, such as a navigation bar with category links that takes person to various categories of items for sale off ebay, a button that says "view similar items" and it shows similar items for sale off ebay, if it's a ring in silver, and you have gold version also available - a link that says "get it in gold" that sells the gold version off ebay, etc.

Also worth noting, when doing a "more info on item" link, the off ebay page needs to provide more info than the ebay listing. reason why is cause ebay's policy of "the primary intent of the link must be to further describe the item"

and, if you use images or logs for links, logos for such links cannot be greater than 88x33 pixels.

hope all that made sense
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