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Reply to "When can you refer to your webpage through ebay adds?"

well, i called ebay. and the woman I spoke with had to read the rules herself, and her interpretation was that the further info page couldnt offer it for sale directly.

so, according to her, my interpretation of the links policy was incorrect.

she did agree, though, that can have links to more items for sale on the more info page.

Reason I interpreted it the way I did is because it says "This outside of ebay page cannot contain other items for sale outside of ebay". Notice the "cannot contain other items for sale".

Her reason for interpreting it the way she did was because of this bit under "additional info" on the links policy page "Linking to Web sites that offer to trade, sell, or purchase goods or services, or including links for any purpose other than those listed above is not allowed"

Which, I dont fully agree with her interpretation, to me it's saying that you cant link to other sites in your listings, with the exceptions noted above (one link to more info, etc), but since it's ebay's interpretation that matters... Wink
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