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When is 'Phase II' happening....../

Hi All. I'm fairly new to Auctiva and to eBay, and I am trying to work out a good all round system to make my listing life a little easier. I really prefer Auctiva to Turbo Lister and do most of my listings thru Auctiva. However, I have had a look at Turbo Lister Pro (free 30 days trial) and find it has some very good points, such as - fully automated feed-back and emails - inventory records - profit reporting, etc. I have found that the listings it picked up on install do show totally incorrect cost/gain figures however. Can anybody tell me whether this is due to all the listings it has picked up were done thru Auctiva, where items such as product cost have not been input.
In my ideal world, it would be good to have the ease of listings a la Auctiva and the more comprehsive 'reporting' that's available with Selling Manager Pro.
Will the much touted 'Phase II' Auctiva fix this?
Can anybody tell me what is planned for 'Phase II' - content, functionality, reporting, process etc.
Hope this makes sense.
Mike from Melbourne in the wonderful Land of OZ
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