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Reply to "When Store Windows aren't working..."

Originally posted by annkate:

However, I also have to say that after I began using Auctiva and it's window--my sales increased. So even though on some days I detest the thing--I still love it. Wink

And I shamelessly promote my other items and store in each listing.
But, I'll always have a love/hate relationship with my Auctiva window. But I'd rather it be there than not. Thanks Auctiva. Smile

Pfffft! <shrug>
I don't go ballistic because the scrolling gallery isn't working. I just go on about my business and I know it might be a temporary glitch or Auctiva burp that works itself out in a few minutes.

I too have a love/hate on the scrolling gallery.

I personally like it and will sit and watch for more items if I come across an auction that has one of Auctiva or Vendio's scrolling gallery.

I do LOVE the fact that I can color coordinate it and I do love that I can personalize it with my OWN messages/name/etc. My previous service had a blah gray gallery. I like that I can make this more my own with personalization.

BUT....I do feel for my customers on dial-up. I know that it slows down the auction for them and I wonder if they move along.

This is one reason I do like that the scrolling gallery has click Click here to Visit My Store. At least if they customer is on dial-up they can click that link.

I have been debating trying the other type of gallery as an experiment. Perhaps summertime when it's slower.

To answer your question Rick, Nope..I don't flip out. But then it takes a bit to tick me off enough to flip out. <smile>

Take care, Donna
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