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Reply to "Who actually uses Auctiva Insurance"

I used U-Pic when that was the insurance available on Auctiva....and I continued with u-pic after they left Auctiva.

I personally do not like the company used now or how they handle claims etc now and will only use it if I don't have another option.
For the majority of my items I use USPS's insurance.
I have used both and USPS is much more efficient, less time consuming, easier to file and manage claims, easier to have buyer take damaged items to their local PO to verify damage etc.

Just so you know the insurance is NOT Auctiva's it is a third party. It also has it's own set of rules, coverages, exclusions etc. so you may not actually have any coverage when you think you do. It is not like they bother to tell you whether your items are covered or not. It is your responsibility to know. You are not necessarily insured just because you are purchasing insurance and filing a claim is also more difficult than it needs to be.

When you purchase insurance you are required to check a box that says you have read the terms and condition. If you read those terms and condition you will see it is NOT Auctiva's but is an totally different company. You have to read what you are agreeing to use....and not go by what is said for advertising purposes.

Insurance is through Shipsurance (at least it was the last time I looked) It is also not been the same insurance company since 2007. It was U-Pic and is now Shipsurance.

You can also go to any third party insurance site and purchase insurance directly that way.

The shipping labels are also not Auctiva's. They are USPS/UPS whatever and are printed through Endicia...they are just printed on Auciva's site. This too is all third party.
If you are shipping my First Class, Priority, Express, Parcel Select etc then you are purchasing your postage from USPS and you are paying USPS. Same goes for USP and FedEx
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