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Reply to "Why are postage rates higher on Auctiva??"

I am assuming competitive is with post office if you take a package inside??

However, if you compare to ebay rates which I would assume most of us who use auctiva and ebay regularly, compare auctiva with ebay/paypal then auctiva is higher on ones I have checked. I have not checked all rates.
Here is note from auctiva site (bolded by me in couple of places)
Buy and print postage for eBay shipments right from your Auctiva account!

USPS postage rates below retail

Supports most domestic USPS services
Supports most international USPS services including First Class
No extra fees or subscriptions required

Save money and time with Integrated Shipping at Auctiva! Create USPS labels for all your eBay shipments, easily and more cost-effectively, using our new Integrated Shipping feature.

Convenient. Buy & print postage labels without ever leaving

Affordable. Our rates are cheaper than the post office.
No hidden costs. Pay only for the postage you buy—no need to subscribe to an external postage provider.
Flexible. Most USPS domestic and international services are available, including First Class International, Priority and Express.

I guess I had the assumption, wrongly obviously, this was a feature to auctiva users at no extra charges (add on charges - surcharges) to the us. That it was not necessarily something we were being charged over what ebay would charge for this service.
I assumed auctiva made money from the their mail proivder & insurer not from us on this. (ie. that they were given some money from those companies???)

Like Mike said:::::

you are certainly welcome to use another provider if it makes sense for your business.

Assuming this "You" was not directed at one person but any of us but not sure..guessing that though.

Sure makes "CENTS" to me. Frankly was in debate mode on continuing using it as would be convenient to buy insurance/postage same place...but ...guess this "CENTS" seals it, as in all honesty...ebay shipping fills in all info we need, with auctiva we have to input quite a few fields...(size, customs information, etc.) Time is $$$$, so spending time and extra money?

But do wonder about the way this is spun on site as a selling feature. To me is pretty unethical and deceitful even if not an egregious error in advertising features.

Just my thought....
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