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Reply to "Why can't I print first class postage w/o a tracking number?"

I'm aware of eBay's policies, their 21 day hold, and all their other restrictions....but eBay will NOT put a restriction on an account, just because they don't use a tracking number. Let's stick to the subject, and not get into all of the "why ebay has these rules..."

You avoided my question.
Is tracking required by ebay, and will ebay perform sanctions if I don't use a tracking number?

I think you should read eBay's policies a little closer, because the answer to both questions, is clearly NO.

And, my original question has not been answered.

So, back to my original question (I'm not sure why this has to be so hard, when it's so clear to me...)

Why is Auctiva forcing us to print and pay for a tracking number, when it's not required by eBay?

[just to be clear one more time....eBay strongly suggests a tracking number be used, and we all know we will lose a dispute if one is not used, but tracking numbers are NOT required by eBay, and if I want to mail a 1 cent wheat penny, in an envelope, without a tracking number, and use minimum legal, postage....eBay allows that...but Auctiva does not]
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