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Reply to "Why can't I print first class postage w/o a tracking number?"

Ed you too are wrong again.

Are you aware of the difference between FC letters and FC parcels???

The questions was about FC "letters" with tracking"

EBay offers free tracking on FC "PARCELS" only and that was said in the beginning of this thread....around the 2nd post. Philthy cannot print a label for for FC letters on eBay and eBay does NOT offer tracking on FC letters either. It is not even an option.

Ed you cannot print postage for FC "LETTERS" with tracking on eBay, PayPal, Auctiva or through USPS.
You canNOT add tracking at all even at the PO since USPS doesn't even offer tracking for FC "LETTERS"....and that is in the link above directly from USPS as well.

A thick envelope ships at parcel rates.

There is a link to the USPS site above that will explain all that for you as well.

Auctiva doesn't offer tracking for FC LETTERS - Ebay doesn't offer tracking for FC LETTERS - USPS does offer tracking for FC LETTERS either because it doesn't exist, here, on eBay or even at USPS. It is NOT a service offered by USPS for FC LETTERS.....ONLY for PARCELS

EBay also does not allow you to print postage for FC "letters" and Philthy cannot go to eBay to print a label for FC letters with no tracking either. It isn't even an option. It isn't even offered at all.

In all your excitement to write something derogatory towards me you to forgot to actually read. You would be a lot less crazy, as you put it, if you would stop doing that and or following me around to do that.
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