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Why do people have to be such *ss*s????

I had to go out and run errands for hubbys business today. I come home and grab my mail and there is a thing from DCF (dept. children and families) and a note to call when I get home! I get in the door get all the kids settled and call her. She says they got an "anonymous" report that my 2 year old was out in the road playing! First, we live on a private road... the road is a right of way that is actually our "front yard". Secondly, my almost 3 year old was not outside as we got up, got breakfast and then went out for errands all day. I guess the "anonymous" person called our state troopers office (no town police here) and I was already gone by the time they came here. No duh...we got up, ate and left!
Now... we have my IL's on one side of our house. The other house is a town 'constable' (aka part time cop) and his wife and 4 kids. If my son did go outside himself, this guy would come in our face and make a stink about it,he is that type. So that leaves the people in front of our house who actually live on the street in front of ours. Thats who we totally believe it is.
These are the jerks who were lighting burn barrel fires all the time and we got them shut down by the town fire marshall. They cant have a fire AT ALL! They told our tenant they would do whatever they could to put us through hell because they cant have their fire anymore. Now, they are ALWAYS outside, even in pouring rain. Now, today it was nice and they were home but would NOT come outside!
My MIL came over so we could make sure the house is spotless and when she left with her mop, the neighbor gave her the look of death. They are just acting too weird. If it was a lady who called, it had to have been her. I know the trooper who took the call, I played softball with her for a few years.
So now I have freakin DCF on our backs (visit tomorrow at 9am) because these people are pissed they cant have a fire anymore. We did it for our kids health, nothing personal! We will be filing charges for filing a false complaint when we find out who did it.
Sorry to rant but I am furious that some *ss lied to try and get us in trouble! ~Steph
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