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Reply to "Why do people have to be such *ss*s????"

Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
We will be filing charges for filing a false complaint when we find out who did it.

Sorry to rant but I am furious that some *ss lied to try and get us in trouble! ~Steph

Rant away..I don't mind. Venting is good.

Good Luck, on finding out who reported you to CPS. I hope it works out for you.

During my weekly tutoring of a child in my son's class 15+ years really get to know these children after being there week after week after week.

After a few months, this child began quietly opening up and telling me of things that happened in their home that didn't settle well with me.

I sought out the teacher first and during my discussion I offered to report to CPS. We went to the principal together and we jointly decided the school should be the ones to report with my signature confirming the conversations. The school didn't report anonymously though.

My understanding at that time was that CPS could not divulge the source if it was an anonymous call.

Laws I'm sure have changed in the many years since then.

If you have any connections in that area, such as social workers, give them a call, you never know what info might fall into their hands while looking through files.

Good Luck Steph!
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