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Reply to "Why do people have to be such *ss*s????"

Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
Case closed! Man... I am FURIOUS at whoever pulled this crap! First, the call went to the POLICE at 4pm on Friday. We were gone. I even went and got my receipt from Burger King proving it. We went to go look at a Suburban we are buying and it started to downpour so I pulled into Burger King to wait out the storm. So the receipt went into "evidence". Secondly, she said the report came in that a child in DIAPERS was the one in the road. Well, JR has been in underpants for the past 4 months!.
So the caseworker talked to Mark and I together, then separate (any domestic violence). And then each of the kids separately. She said there is no evidence that this occured and closed the case!
I am waiting for a return call from the sargeant so we can pursue what we need to for whoever made a false report. My kids didnt need to be drug through the mud because someone wants to get back at us for not allowing them to have a fire! UGHHHHH THanks for the thoughts, I was so upset over this!

Find out who it is, don't take 'no' for an answer. Have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I know, I would.

Keep us updated.
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