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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"


Yep, that little Java Script at the front got you. Big Grin

Here's a secret bypass for that "protection" .....

If you take your mouse cursor and highlight all the code in that Practice Board window by starting at the top and moving it down the page until it's all highlighted, and then find and use the CTRL and "C" keys in combination, that should do a COPY function. Then paste (like normal) to a new blank template at Auctiva.

I'm hopeful that fixes the problem. I hope Neil can give it a glance and nod that it conforms to their's and eBay's coding standards too.

My daughters are all grown. Time to take my oldest grandson to the park for a few hours before dark here. Back later to check on progress and look at the other case you posted.

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