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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, I'm hoping that little piece of code will fix the broken auctions (those missing background from use of eBay Revise listing). IF that code works, it's also a possible fix for the templates that produce the conflict.

If you can tact that piece of code at the beginning of the description section using the Revise listing editor in HTML mode, and then use PREVIEW....I'm hoping that demonstrates a fix. If it fails to work, DON'T SAVE the listing to back-out the change. I'm hoping it will restore the background to method your coder was using with a different technique that is acceptable to eBay's listing editor.

Note, I added the code piece to practiceboard and put a link at bottom of that last post. I wanted to make it easier for you to do the copy and paste for test.

Hope that all makes sense.

Fingers crossed. Smile

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