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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"

Hi Danno,
First promise not to laugh!
I created listing # 300235382394 labeled it as a practice listing. (you might want to view before you go any further & stop laughing)

I then went in & revised the price only. I clicked in the html editor and copied the html so you could see what it looked like before I did your change to view:

I then did as you asked: I went into the html editor/description box and was in html mode, then click at the beiginning, then did copy/paste : to view

Problem is what you see in the second practiceboard is NOT what I see in the ebay editor. I have no idea why.

The listing you viewed was the end product! Well it restored a background allright but restored the one & the music/background/header that go to my store. When I look at the listing and hear 2 songs playing at the same time....I cant help but feel like a kid playing matches. I will leave the listing up until you tellme what to can laugh now...I see a lot of you are watching this post and yes I can hear you laughing too. But I know Danno will use his powers to rescue me unless he thinks Im beyond hope. Eager for your reply & thanks in advance for your patience & help. Sincerely, Suzanne
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