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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"


Yes, it appears to strip the code (which you can add back) and it's also stripping your Java Script that protects the page (that pop-up on Right-Mouse click). There may be no compromise with their editor on certain things. This method at least allows insertion of the code for a one-pass restore.

I'm thinking it may see the Body Style coding as an intrusion, same as the HTML method. That's why it needed a test. You may want to leave the Templates as they are for the moment as they are possibly going to need more radical changes soon....

eBay is working toward a very precise standard for coding (recently announced) and those items simply may not be allowed at all in the near future. It's the reason I tried the Template background only (first Template) as a trial. I realize it's limits for Store sellers. I decided to try this second approach which mimicks your coder's work with a different method. Odd that the code is accepted and then later rejected on edit. Confused At least it's a workable fix for the moment.

I'll do some more research and see if I can find a method that does the whole Description section including area outside the Auctiva template. But, that may be subject to changes eBay is making.

eBay just announced 3rd party checkout is going away. Another piece of Auctiva's service is chipped away. Frown

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