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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"

Hi Danno, see you were thinking about it too...I do have to say I agree with you on the Local should be legal if we mark them Buyer Beware WYSIWYG LOL!! Ok I'll be good now! Big Grin

I have a zinger for you... I have a template that I have use for several listings, but this is the 1st time I have sold an item using it. PLEASE HELP!! I have listing # 300237914310...the item is:
1. sold
2. still showing on my active page marked as ended (where time left is)
3. not visible when I look for it in my store but can be found thru the advanced search.

I have sent a combined invoice to my buyer to see if it would disappear from my active page once I have combined it....its still there. What is causing this & have you ever seen this? Any help would be great!! Thanks much, Suzanne

Originally posted by Danno:

You might want to show this page to your coder.

It's the new eBay listing format. Notice the Description section is more tightly bounded and suggested as "Safe" due to elimination of active content. That first test I did of your background for the Template area only, is what will probably be required for this new look (if backgrounds are permitted). That's one reason I tried that approach first (you may need it later).

I don't have a VCR any longer, but Grandma (the X) might. Do they list X-Spouses on eBay? CraigsList is probably a better venue (list with LOCAL PICKUP), as the FV probably won't cover the Fees on eBay listing. Also, high PayPal risk for charge-back on basis of NOT AS DESCRIBED. you got me being BAD. Big Grin I'm honestly volunteering my time as a THANK YOU to Auctiva for the last several years of wonderful service. I decide to do that on my non-participation and ethics review break.

You can export the Auctiva HTML code from the Saved Listings page and do additional enhancements with a code editor.

I too wish Auctiva would Auctiva-te their own service. Jeff (CEO) is a very strong proponent of eBay as the only game in town. Funny how today's game is often tomorrow's cast-away. Look at Yahoo today vs. 10 years ago. All you have to do is visit the Yahoo vs. Google main page to understand why.

Note the clog of ads and unwanted intrusions at Yahoo and the beautiful simplicity of Google's for the purpose of both: SEARCH. Compare that now to eBay's main page and recall the day they also focused on use, instead of this twisted "Buyer's Experience", which is honestly seen as detractions and intrusive by most. Corrupting search only intensifies that feeling by many. Off my soapbox for now.

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