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Reply to "Why does template background disappear whenever I revise a listing?"


Definitely a winner! Big Grin Beach Boys and summer fun themes are <==HOT==>. I remember dancing to that tune at parties as a kid. Do we shag? Miss the Myrtle Beach Carolina Spring Shag. Can't do it well since my knee injuries back in Sept. 2001, but I still like to watch. Note to UK members....that's a dance and not the Austin Powers other. hehe

I took Thomas to Wall-e last night. It's great for the 5yo group and Grandpa liked it too.

eBay seems to like me for testing their new stuff. I wonder if I'm on the 1st to get list for the new listing format. If so, I'll post a mock-up on the practiceboard for code (when I start listing again). You're going to need that to rework the templates for the new format.

There are some places over at the eBay Forum I'll check for similar problems on Checkout. Don't you love the way they immediately accused Auctiva for a problem with their item status. Almost best to not even mention Auctiva with them to start. All the #@%&$ changes they're making and everyone else is at fault. Roll Eyes

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