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Reply to "Why doesn't FedEx display as a shipping option?"

It is not eBay's fault or Auctiva's fault if you make a mistake on a listings and use a carrier you really didn't want in your listing.

If "YOU" make a mistake and list UPS and your buyer selects and pays for UPS, then you ship by UPS. It may be inconvenient to go to the UPS site to print a label but that was the method "YOU" chose to offer in your listing....but with that being said it is also a lot less inconvenient than having to go to the UPS store to purchase the shipping there.
The big inconvenience you speak of is maybe an additional 5 minutes....but that inconvenience would be due to a mistake YOU made by listings UPS by accident.

It is always best to double check your listings even after you post them to eBay. That should eliminate having the wrong shipping method listed as you will be able to revise and choose whatever other method is available. You have the responsibility to check your listings to make sure they are correct.

Auctiva cannot offer methods for eBay listings not supported by eBay. Calculated shipping for FedEx is not an eBay option nor is it an option for eBay listings at this time.
That has nothing to do with Auctiva.
You have the option of flat rate shipping using FedEx. That is what you will need to use of you want to list using FedEx.

You can only choose the options available on eBay for your listings.
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