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Do all of your other listings have the scrolling bar, or is it missing in just this 1 listing?

Since this sounds like the most recent listing for you, perhaps something has changed in your settings. Go to My Account > Settings and see if the option for the Scrolling Gallery still says Yes.

Could be that thee has been a longer delay for this 1 listing.
Go to My Account > Settings and see if the option for the Scrolling Gallery still says Yes.

Everything says yes and what's strange is that this one was created in the middle of auctions starting. Others have ended now, but then I did this one and one to follow. The last one shows both of these auctions in scrolling window on listing, but the one in question, nothing.
Yes, that is strange.

I would suggest you send a message to support. Something is not right here. Personally, I think it may have something to do with eBay rather than Auctiva, since your settings in Auctiva are correct.

I am not one to jump to blaming Auctiva. Usually, I find it is either something I have done, or, eBay has done. eBay is responsible for their share of our problems. Wink
Okay, well I did contact support and somehow they said I deleted the HTML in the listing when I revised it. Since I already have bids, and cannot change the description, but only add to it, they had me go to my store in auctiva and copy/paste the html and put it into the add to description in revise listing through eBay. Well, that would have worked out fine if I had clicked on the tab for HTML and not text. Now I have a huge template is blank and have html coding underneath on my listing. Support said there is nothing that can be done. I guess I'm going to have to end my auction early, contact the bidders and re-put it back up. OR should I just leave this one here and see if I can go to revise listing with a note that would be at bottom that listing got corrupted or something and give the new listing number? I need to do something real soon because I'm sure I'm missing out on potential bidders. Perhaps someone has some magic they can throw my way and fix this? Well, in the meantime though I think I will email the bidders.

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