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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Originally posted by junquegirl:
Hope all the sites are dependable. Are you listing here and SD?

Here! I wouldn't take a chance listing anywhere else. If I didn't trust Auctiva I wouldn't be here...this is my income.

I haven't had a problem and with all the extra servers here and help that Auctiva offers....I can't imagine using another service.

Good luck everyone. Much green is wished to everyone. Hope to hear lots of stories next week in regards to all the shipments you have to get out! <smile>

I just posted the info in the if persons have automatic notification via email they'll be sure to receive.

By the way..What's SD? <Wink> Joke! Gawd, most get their nose outta joint at any kinda light hearted levity where it concerns SD....Putting the word JOKE is a requirement!!!!

Take care,
The other ID that is still over there is all set and ready to go for tomorrow night. I scheduled my listings for much later then I want so I can manually launch them. I don't trust the scheduler. haven't used it in a very long time.

I won't have to mess wiht SD at all tomorrow besides launching my actions!

Now lets pray Auctiva can hold up cause I've been having problems on and off here, nothing major but just seems to not wanna work when I do Wink

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