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Hi Posh,

Thanks for asking about this. While it is not actually possible to use one Auctiva account for two separate eBay accounts, we will allow users who have multiple eBay accounts to use multiple Auctiva accounts while paying only one subscription fee provided that the primary account is on either the Unlimited or Premium Plan.

I believe nothopping must have been thinking of conversations he had read in the past about that discount we have available for users who have multiple eBay accounts when he responded to you previously.

In any event, if you would like to take us up on this offer, please open a second Auctiva account to use with your second eBay account and then contact our customer support team with both of your usernames and request to take us up on our Multi Account Plan offer.

You can contact our customer support team from within your account by clicking the “Help” tab and then clicking the “File a Support Request” button on the ensuing page. I hope this helps.

Hello Chris,

There are limits to our multi account plan - for an account on a paid plan that has unlimited listings (which is then the primary account for that plan) you can have two sub accounts which would also have unlimited listings, however they have image hosting limited at 500MB per account; the sub accounts have no associated plan fees when on this plan.

Each account is wholly separate from the others, they each have their own unique log in and dashboard and there is no capacity to share listings or images between accounts. Based on what you have described here, you would need to have more than one primary account to accommodate your eBay accounts.

Please note that to set this up, you do need to contact us as the Multi Account Plan is not shown on the plan selection page. If you would like to try this please go ahead and set your primary account to Elite and set up two other accounts properly associated with the related eBay accounts and let us know the usernames of all of the accounts in a support case and that you are interested in this plan and our support team will be happy to assist you.

- Craig

Yes, if you have two eBay IDs and you want to use Auctiva for both accounts, you would typically need to have two separate Auctiva accounts as well. This is because each Auctiva account is usually linked to a single eBay account for managing listings, templates, and other services.

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Having two Auctiva accounts would likely mean paying separate monthly fees for each account since each account is considered a separate service subscription. It's best to check with Auctiva directly for their current pricing and subscription policies as they may have changed since my last update in September 2021.

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