three of them: Auctiva has encountered an error with the selected template. Please select another template until this issue is resolved. NOTE THESE ALL USED UPDATED TEMPLATES.

The fourth one:

Not posted in time

itsjustme or is it?

Original Post

Hello itsjustme and MJG -

I am sorry to hear about the difficulty you encountered posting listings yesterday.  It is likely that this relates to the issue we encountered yesterday with the display of images that our engineers have resolved. 

Without more specific information it is difficult to say what the exact issue may have been with the listings you refer to, but the template data does have a relationship to the image storage area.  If you continue to encounter issues with postings in general or specific templates, please let us know the details of what has been occurring for you in a support case so we can have a look into it for you.  You can file a support case at any time from under the Help tab of the site as we have agents responding to cases around the clock.

 - Craig


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