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Are you guys going to be able to use this feature when listing with you instead on ebay

5¢ special for the holidays
Also starting September 16, and through the end of the year, if you list with pre-filled item information, Fixed Price Insertion Fees for Books, Music, DVDs & Movies, and Video Games are just 5¢.
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I have the same question.

I used the # 267 category (Books) that eBay said to use, but I don't see any place for the pre-filled information.

I'm sure I'm just missing something, but I have gone over the form many times this morning, and I'm just missing it. Will be happy to be called an idiot for missing something blatant if someone would be so kind to point it out to me.

Thanks. I LOVE Auctiva.
I just answered my own question. Using the "find your item" part and adding the rest of the stuff I wanted in the listing - it did go in as 5 cents. In the Auctiva estimate it was 15 cents but I think that was because Auctiva doesn't show the special rates. I did check the fee for my first book in eBay to be sure it was working ok. THANKS AUCTIVA!!

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