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Right now, the biggest deadly sin of selling on ebay is, selling on ebay.
I cannot afford to have these ebay policies cause some cheat to keep my auction item, and get their money back. (Dont tell me this isn't happening. I notified Lorrie of a buyer claiming to have not received items, and they were sold a short time later. She had been leaving over 30% negative for sellers in the past year, and allowed to do this for 13 months, before I stepped in, and threatend eBay with taking it to the press. This DOES happen, and eBay has made it easier).

Otherwise, Skip is pretty much on target here. As a buyer, I refuse to buy from sellers who have ridiculous terms. As a buyer, I feel I am doing you a favor. And, usually, I am. If an item sells for too low, I usually give the seller the option to back out.
However, on the rare occasion I do sell, I have to disagree with the Reserve. Since eBay keeps that money regardless these days, it's just free money. I'm not into giving eBay free money. They take too much as it is. And, since the reserve price is what the listing price fee is, they win regardless, and we lose.
The basics here is, how do you want your transactions to go down, when you buy? Why would anyone want less than that? Give the best possible service; just like how you would want. Or, better.
And for pete's sake, leave ebay, before you go broke trying to sell.

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