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Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
Yep kk, that's the way I see it too Smile
hi im new to this site but just want to make a point about losing the listing hrs because of delay to get onto ebay from auctiva and if it matters,well yes it does if you are only listing on a reduced price day and it goes over the deadline.thats my 2 cents or pence as we say here,
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Not a problem.

Hi, the indexing is done at eBay and that is all that matters so if the listing arrived within the last second of a special offer day it still counts as offer eligible despite an extended indexing delay may follow depending on the item type.

The indexing delay only delays visibilty in searches, you should see it in your active listings almost straight a way.

Any high risk 'fake' checks delay even that visibility, but once it is there (at eBay) you are ok.

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