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I have been using Auctiva for a short time and wanted to make a few suggestions to streamline processing a little. I apologize up front if my writing style is cryptic as 37 years of programming has made me a little Spock-like. I would be happy to explain in more detail but I thought this might be a good place to start.

thanks a lot

Suggestions from a programmers perspective:

1.. be able to use Auctiva to revise an active listing that would get changes made to the profile information loaded into the eBay active listing. As I write this I realize that some things can't be changed per eBay so that might be an issue. I wonder how PageMage gets around that or perhaps they didn't think about it. FYI PageMage does that today. I think they had to because of their use of Flash. Load times are horrendous with PageMage sellers will be missing out on a segment of the market because of it.

2.. have the ability to save notifications/messages. pick some amount of storage and charge above that so folks won't keep it forever. Like email folders

3.. can we have some variable conditions set as a profile (e.g. I always use length, weight, color, secondary stone, etc.) so having a way to set those conditions as profiles would be great

4.. add a custom dictionary to the spell checker of the Listing Description so unique always used words can be ignored (adding SWAROVSKI would be awesome).

5.. If you can speed up the loading of the spell checker in the description that would be great
Please understand I know I have a slow system because in Northern Maine we have to bounce our internet off a tower miles away so that's part of the reason why spell check and other performance related suggestions are below. If the vast majority of your sellers are on the highway (they probably are) and not the byways of the internet than I can live with the response, but if the tweaks are easy and not prone to exhaustive testing I'd be forever grateful.

6.. list the conditions of the item in the preview. does not need to be like eBay would list them just a list at the bottom or top perhaps. This would allow a final check of all the things that will be uploaded

7.. when adding conditions if the one you are adding matches one that is already there overlay it. saves time if the adding of conditions as a profile is too costly.

8.. in the active listing allow sell like option. since we have the template saved somewhere as it must be used in Closed Listings when you ReList.

9.. have a set of logos available for use (e.g. eBay, major credit cards, PayPal, etc.) and pick them like we do the Auctiva URLs

10. when sending the test email it would be nice to fill-in the variables. even have a dummy eBay order so they get filled in as well

11. when you are re-listing an item and you go to schedule and realize you need to change something. So you "cancel" the schedule but it returns to the saved listing screen. can it return to the listing you were getting set to schedule so all your changes in the ReList aren't lost.

12. when in active listing display the dollars. If IO access with eBay is an issue than just show what dollars it was when it was listed.

13. It would be nice to be able to edit a scheduled listing without having to go back to the saved listing to do it.

14. the below is from the Default Winning Bidder template
While I can certainly understand what it is doing I am wondering if there are any more un-documented (to the users) inserts.




15. I'm assuming the below message is not a real problem. 8/20/2010 7:09:45 PM PDTSWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ELEGANT BUSINESS EARRINGS RED (gf)Listing successfully submitted. Success 260584937 [X] 8/20/2010 7:09:42 PM PDTSWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ELEGANT BUSINESS EARRINGS RED (gf)API Warning

Dropped condition from Item specifics. Notice 260584847 [X]
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Regarding the spell checker issue in number 5:

I use the auto spellchecker that you get when you have foxfire browser. It's set to always be on. Misspelled words are underlined with a jagged red line beneath the word you just misspelled. It works pretty much anywhere. The most you have to do is right click the underlines work then click the mouse again on the correct one. Whether you have foxfire of not, there could be a spell checker in your browser that you are unaware of. I think you can get spellchecker add on for any browser that does not provide one. Good luck

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