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Hello all,

I was looking through Power Sellers Unite (PSU) and came across a great site. It has the same look and feel as ebay, which is good for buyers and sellers. Free insertion fee, lower FVF, and free basic store. I have no vested interest in the site (It is privately owned) but plan on moving many of my items there shortly. Just wanted to mention it here, it could be a great alternative to feebay. Check it out.
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Another alternative is
Have a look in their forums - they are launching a major television advert campaign on November 13th.
I have around 33% of my ebay listings moved over to Tazbar - and I must admit - am getting sales.
Listing is free - only pay a very low amount if your items sell.
Very friendly place - and the admin respond to all questions personally - none of the automated response emails which ebay send out.
I have no vested interest in tazbar, and still have over 2,000 auctions on ebay, but tazbar is looking good!

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