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I was considering starting a blog on my store here, and I have a question about blog material.

I know that the boards are not an appropriate place for profanity. I don't suppose a blog is either - BUT -

there are very specific rules about profanity on this forum - yet there are no guidelines for writing a blog. Are blogs moderated for language/content?

Since blogs are a form of personal expression, is the occasional expletive allowed when no other word could reasonably substitute?

I realize that a blog stitched with "the working man's poetry" is pointless, offensive and counter-productive - but do they smack hands for the occasional four-letter rant?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can spare the time!

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Since your Auctiva Blog is tied directly to your eBay auctions...I would worry about how my soon to be customers would perceive me if I used language that isn't socially acceptable straight across the board.

Use your Auctiva Blog to direct customers to items you're selling and in the meantime, You can always get your own blog at or use wordpress.

Three of my blogs. I save my rants for a blog that doesn't directly connect to my eBay.
The blog is a personal touch - use profanity if you think the people it attracts will buy your sh*t.

Sorry - had to do that! What is the purpose of profanity? Will it help you sell? Then by all means be vulgar!

In most cases profanity is unnecessary.

If you are selling crap to outlaw bikers, it might help. If the so-called profanity is part of the description, then we are dealing with censorship. In that matter Ebay always wins - Ebay censors all kinds of crap.
Profanity, swearing etc is the language of the ignorant and has no place in conversation, blogs etc.

To my shame I find it difficult not to swear when I talk, but I can eradicate it on paper or in the electronic medium because I have time to use my brain.

So in that sense I have an ignorance which can be cured, others should think the same !!

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