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Hello all Smile

About a month ago, I scrapped my 9+ year ID for a more businesslike ID. Foxfyre33 had been my id since I was 13 or so, and I didn't feel it reflected my business.

Well, being the sentimental mush I am, I still wanted to keep Foxfyre33, so I re-registered it after 30 days as a seperate account.

Here's my issue. Auctiva now links to the 0-feedback "new" foxfyre33 when I click my own name while logged in on here. However, anything I list posts to my new ID just fine, but I'm semi-afraid if I update my store categories or token that I will confuse the system and accidently bring my biz to a screeching halt.

How do I switch my ebay userid in auctiva and still keep all my photos and templates and such?

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