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Hi everyone,
I know we all complain when things don't work all the time, but we never really give a round of applause to the people of Auctiva when it does. There have been alot of changes lately due to ebay changing things around.
Another thing to remember is that they have kept Auctiva free for us to use.

So thank you all at auctiva for your hard work and keep up the great job. You all are awesome.

Please post here and give the ppl here a round of applause.
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Originally posted by Haleyscomicsandcollectibles:
Come on people, everyone is quick to complain. How about giving the people at auctiva some credit for all the good things.

I applaud Auctiva for being such a great auction management site. For the life of me, I still don't know how you guys are able to offer your services FREE! Best thing I ever did was to switch to Auctiva. I read the message boards and always wonder why I never seem to have any of the problems others are complaining about. Am I just lucky, or what! My listings always launch and are always on eBay almost immediately. I can't say enough good things about you all. Keep up the good work and know that many of us are so grateful for your dedication and hard work to keep everything going so well.
Jeanie B.
I would like to say too, that I applause Auctiva! With the economy the way it is and eBay as s-l-o-w as it is, keeps us in business, at least somewhat. The majority of the time the site is hassle-free, but always free! If I can be of service to the company (to help keep it free) by volunteering time from my home computer, don't hesitate to ask.


With the internet, so many expect everything for free.

With Ebay, just like with your local bank, everyone expects to be charged for every little thing.

I am a relatively new Auctiva user, and I love it! The shipping insurance is worth the entire membership! Free image hosting - and I have my onw server so i don't really need it other than it is so much easier!

I have been recommending Auctiva to everyone I know that sells on Ebay.

So - cheers - have a drink to Auctiva!

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