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I've been using my branded template for a while and would like to use it here. (I'll probably be modifying it, but that's another story!)

I love this click-to-enlarge image layout. Is there a way I can set my template in auctiva to work the same way, without manually entering each image?

Here is my template:
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This might help you, I use this in some of my templates. you can change the width size to whatever suits. The size in this code (220)allows for only 2 pictures side by side.

The code is set up with light blue borders, so you will prob want to change the color code too.

you will have to change your tags inside your orig template over to auctiva's tags, they are slightly different then SD's

example: auctiva title tag is [TITLE]

Discription tag is [DESCRIPTION]

If you wanted to have a similar template as he sd one, try using the 96 pix tag's that auctiva have set up in the listing page ~ create new.

Heres the pic code, hope it is helpful.

<P align="center"><a href="[IMAGE2_URL]">
<img src="[IMAGE2_URL]" style="BORDER-RIGHT: #7B68EE 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #7B68EE 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #7B68EE 1px solid; BORDER-BOTTOM: #7B68EE 1px solid; width:220;margin:10px"></a>


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