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Logged on this morning to check my ebay n found i coulkdn't access my account.
Checked my emails and found 1 from ebay saying this: -

Your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party to list items without your authorization. At this time we have taken several steps to secure your eBay account. Rest assured that your credit card and banking information is safe on the eBay site, as this information is kept encrypted on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone.

I followed all the steps to reactivate my account but now i am really paranoid.Is it something to do with the recent attack on Auctiva?
On further investigation i have discovered that my auctiva ebay token is not valid anymore.Not sure if this is because of the ebay hack or maybe the cause of it?
My last 2 listings via auctiva which i listed yesterday went without a glitch and are still listed on ebay so they are obviously not the listings that the email is reffering to.

Anyone else had anything like this happen or got any idea whats going on?

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