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Hi everyone, I'm a pretty new seller and just sold out 2 item today.
I chose "default bidder thank you" in my account setting. Does this mean auctiva sends the emails to the winning bidder or I should work on it myself? If auctiva does it for me, how could I know the content of the emails and can I change the content of email?

What's the difference between
"default winning bidder" and "default bidder thank you"?

I listed some items and chose auto relist. But I found sth wrong with my seller detail profiles. Is there a way to stop auto relist setting and change my seller detail profile in my listings?

Thank you very much!
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You can change the content of the emails by following these directions:

Winning bidder and thank you emails seem redundant (to me at least) because buyers also get a 'You Won' email automatically from Ebay...

If your listings are already active, you would have to do any revising thru Ebay. And if you have a bid or less than 12 hours left you can't change anything at all, only add to it. From my own personal experience, I would say just change your profiles in Auctiva so they will be the way you want them for FUTURE listings and leave the active ones alone. Always preview before you post and try to have everything the way you want it beforehand.

Use the help button at the top of the page...all the FAQs and instructions are there, not to mention the excellent tutorials which I would highly recommend.
Just a clarification...the "default winning bidder" and "default bidder thank you" are totally different emails. The "default bidder thank you" goes out to ALL the people who BID on your item, not the person who ended up winning it. You can choose to have that turned off if you wish, just like the other emails.

And I do believe you can change the relist profile on Active listings by going to your Saved Listings tab and using the "Find & Replace" feature. I have used Find and Replace to change my active listings, but not the auto-relist feature since I don't use that myself.

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