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my ebay account was suspended, has anyone every experienced this? I was selling high end handbags that I purchased from the designers store. ebay shut me down for 7 days for trademark infringements. I don't think I did anything wrong. before my suspention some of my listing were not listed because of the same reasons. what can i do to list these items the right way and avoid being knock off of ebay for good. I want to do the right thing
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It appears that you have fallen into the grips of VERO, there is not much you can do as Ebay will lean their direction because of the potential legalities with copyright infringement. Generally, when the vero members get their nose out of joint you are wrong regardless of a legal purchase (ie. you may not be an approved seller for their product line, Disney is real bad at this.). There are certain guidelines for listing these items so I would do some research on this, since right now you can't do much listing.

I do not think that receipts will be any good afterall anybody could copy your receipt image and use it themselves, no, too easily forged, copied or fabricated.

The selling of such goods is becoming extremely difficult thanks to all the crooked sellers ruining it for the likes of you.

You need to find out from ebay exactly what the problem is and whether the next listing you are going to put up is safe.

I think that if they suspend you a second time it will be for a lot longer and greedbay is extremely zealous at present to make things look safe and keep the manufacturers of such goods happy regardless of losing a few sellers.

Afterall they stand very little chance of being taken to court by an average seller but a big chance with a major brand owner.
it is a tough process but worth looking into... see if you can see what you did "wrong" with Vero or trust and saftey. it may take some time but it will be better than getting kicked again.

I had listing pulled because I used "like new"... check out all their terms that they do not want you to use. it seems tricky but you will get the hang of it!

check out others that are listing your items or similar to see what they are doing.
I have a friend who just had a listing pulled because he listed a large lot of vintage lighters, and he said "one of them looks like a Zippo Knockoff". That caused them to kill it. No explanations, nothing, just gone.

Oh, and killed listings are NOT going to your "unsold" section, like assholeBay says they are, so you can fix them. They're still just deleting them.
Ask them. I've actually had some good responses from ebay when I've had questions. The receipt idea sounds good but ask them. Did you use your own photos? Or photos that belonged to the bag company? Once you know the reason, you should be able to find a way to fix the situation. They may even have a suggestion.

The unscrupulous ebayers (especially those ones that use "five finger discounts" and those that charge ridiculous shipping have caused a lot of problems for those of us honest ones out there.

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